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Dan Balassone

Lic. Real Estate Associate Broker (8 years experience)


Buyer's agent

Listing agent



Property Management

While serving with Dutchess County Sheriff's Office as a Detective I began investing in real estate in the Dutchess County area. After my retirement from the Sheriff's Office in 2012 I expanded my business and have enjoyed a successful career in real estate.  My background as an investor has instilled in me the belief that ANY purchase of real estate is an investment.  Often it is the largest investment in a person's life.  That's EXACTLY how I treat the process!

Whether I'm marketing one's home in preparation for a sale or I'm helping one shop for a new home I'm always mindful of the business/investment aspect of the transaction.  Obviously the same can be said for my work with investors.

This mindset has shaped my approach to the process.  I believe that in real estate as in life the old adage holds true…..time is money.  Bearing this in mind I take a very aggressive approach to marketing.  I also assemble a team that I know will work efficiently to help get my clients through the process of buying or selling a property.  I remind my team constantly that if there are delays in getting to closing we must work hard to make sure that they are not coming from our side of the transaction.

I feel very strongly that when a family is considering a purchase or sale that involves hundreds of thousands of dollars changing hands I need to be on top of my game!  Experience has taught me that the business of real estate can't be handled efficiently as a part-time job.  As issues come up they need to be dealt with immediately, correctly, and efficiently.  My business is a full-time business and has my undivided professional attention.

I started out by telling you where I came from and I'm circling back to that because I believe it’s vitally important and underscores what I have to offer.  My career in law enforcement has helped me learn our local real estate market COLD!  I know how to help buyers find exactly what they are looking for.  I also spent my formative years having the importance of strong ethics, hard work, and responsibility drilled into me.  I ask for the trust of my clients as they work their way through the process of investing in real estate and it’s important to me that they never regret placing that trust in me.

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